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In 2013 Missouri Foundation for Health established the Infant Mortality Reduction Initiative (IMRI) to address high infant mortality rates in St. Louis and the six-county Bootheel region of Dunklin, Mississippi, New Madrid, Scott, Stoddard and Pemiscot Counties, using a place-based approach. MFH is partnering with three organizations, one in St. Louis (Maternal, Child and Family Health Coalition) and Bootheel Babies and families (spearheaded by Missouri Bootheel Regional Consortium and Bootheel Network for Health Improvement) to build each organization's capacity to serve as a support organization ("backbone") for a community- driven, collaborative approach to reducing infant mortality rates in each of their communities. The initiative seeks to address the complex issue of infant mortality within the collective impact framework and through the lenses of individual, community and systematic impact.


We are bringing together diverse voices to find new ways of ensuring that all families in the Bootheel have the chance to live healthy lives. And we need your support to do that. Together, we can eliminate disparities among races, improve the health of women, and educate entire community. Together, we can give more babies a chance at a healthy life.

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Backbone Organizations

Bootheel Network for Health Improvement

Missouri Bootheel Regional Consortium 

Maternal, Child and Family Health Coalition,  St. Louis City Infant Mortality

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Data Reports
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Data Reports
Infant Mortality Reduction Initiative: Year in Review
What is Infant Mortality
Infant mortality (death) is the number of babies who die between birth and 1 year of age (*does not include # of losses before birth).

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